When you want to go big (or go home), you have to make sure you’re targeting your audience in a variety of ways. At Miller Public Relations, “multi-faceted marketing and advertising campaign” is our middle name. From planning to executing to measuring its effect – yes, we can!

Strategic Planning

Every goal is met with a well-laid plan. Throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks may work for some, but we prefer putting our heads together and coming up with a plan, personalized to you, personalized to your business.


Media Planning + Buying

In today’s marketing world, there are no one-size-fits-all advertising plans or a silver bullet to success. You must tailor your efforts to each audience you want to capture and how, when and why they connect with your brand is unique to them.

That’s where we come in. A combination of strong traditional media (TV, Radio, Print, Billboards) with messaging that speaks to those you’re trying to reach is imperative to overall market success.

We have a proprietary system for media buying and planning that gives you the most bang for your buck. Then, we launch.

What’s in it for you? To put it simply, we make your phones ring. We make your website work for you. We make you the go-to for what you do and where you do it, through innovative, cost-effective marketing solutions.


Print, Radio, Outdoor and Television

Legacy media, traditional media… call it what you want. We wholeheartedly believe it’s not dead and have creative ways to make it work for your business – trust us. We’ll get your well-crafted story in the right places… at the right time.


Integrated Marketing with Traditional Grassroots and Digital Elements

Daily opportunities exist to connect with local communities at little to no cost to you. We facilitate meetings or event involvement with local chambers, charity groups and other businesses and organizations to educate your community on the services you provide.