Public Relations

Guess what? You can’t spell practice without “PR” and Public Relations is an important part of our skill set at Miller Public Relations. So important, we put it in our name!

We love to help our clients (primarily medical practices) learn and embrace the tactics that will not only help them gain patients, but, more importantly, foster long-term positive relationships with them. The most valuable patient is a generational patient; one who will return again and again and who will refer their family, friends and coworkers.

After all, by basic definition, public relations is nothing more than a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. At Miller Public Relations, we have developed a PR formula that helps our clients accomplish this beautifully, seamlessly and consistently.

Here is a sampling of our PR arsenal:

Media Pitching

The best advertising is the kind you don’t pay for, right? But how do you get news outlets to pay attention to what you want to say? And to request an interview or more information? The well-crafted media pitch.

Media pitching is one of the best ways to entice people (journalists) to tell your story. With our experience, connections and expertise, your media pitch will stand apart. Interested in learning more about how we can help with this? Call us.

Conflict Resolution

No one likes to think it will happen to them. But it just may happen anyway. An upset patient who goes hog wild posting negative reviews online. A bad patient outcome that could turn into a bad news story.

If (when) something goes south, we’re here to handle it. Whether a carefully-crafted letter is called for or a larger strategic PR push, we will help you navigate the waves and steer the boat until the storm has passed. Consider us your emergency backup system.

Press Release Writing + Syndication

Have a new procedure to promote? A feel-good patient story? Or an event you need publicized? Let us craft a professional media release that will both meet criteria for syndication and will stand apart from the millions of other media releases awaiting pick up. We have the media connections and the know-how to make sure your news is heard about in any corner of the nation you desire.

Community Outreach

Community outreach is a powerful tool for medical practices (and any other type of business) to use in marketing themselves in their community. Volunteering time or donating services or money within your community provides new opportunities to form relationships, allowing people to get to know you outside of an examining room. Another key benefit is that it just feels great to give back, to help, to serve. It can be a great team-building experience for your staff. Let us help you devise a winning community outreach plan.