Someone Has to be the Mature One: Meet Geoff

Posted in Marketing, Staff Members | April 26,2021

Geoff Hays is the media buyer extraordinaire at Miller Public Relations. He’s been in this role since 2018, but a fun fact about Geoff is that he’s worked at Miller Public Relations (on and off, full-time, part-time and freelance) for about 20 years. Now, that’s some tenure! Geoff brings maturity, wisdom and experience to the team, sprinkled with his trademark dry wit and a hefty arsenal of dad jokes.

Geoff has been married to his beautiful wife Laura for 24 years, and together, they have three sons (Zachariah, 22; Jeremiah, 21; Isaiah, 19) and a daughter (Abigail, 13). Geoff and Laura met while both were interning in the youth department at their church, fell in love on a mission trip in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and the rest is history.

When Geoff isn’t helping his sons and daughter navigate young adulthood, he and Laura enjoy walking their two Boston terriers, exploring new Tex Mex restaurants and frequenting ones with patios and live music. They are active in their church and the community.

Tell us about all the different roles you’ve had at MPR over the years.

It’s been a mixed bag, honestly. Initially, I connected with Cyndi Miller (founder and CEO of MPR) when I did some contract video work for Boothe Eye Care and Laser about 20 years ago. I then continued to do video work for that client – commercials and website content – for the next few years. In 2009, I came on full-time as creative director and chief editor of video production for a season. Then back to freelancing for a few years while I was also running my own video production company. Then most recently, I returned in late 2018 in the role of media buyer, and I still do some video work, long-form web stuff, training videos and so forth.

What exactly does a media buyer do?

In addition to placing all the media buys for our clients – including radio, print, outdoor, digital, television, cable – I also then make sure all the spots are running when they’re supposed to run and that the correct ones are running. I then monitor leads to see what’s working and isn’t to shift buys based on that data. I also spend quite a bit of time exploring new trends in media on behalf of our clients. Where media used to basically mean print, radio and TV, there’s so much more now in the digital arena.

What makes you good at what you do?

Well, I think because I have a production background, I understand the back end and costs associated with producing all different kinds of spots, so I am able to take advantage of those margins for our clients. Also, having worked in medical marketing for so many years and from so many different angles is very helpful in knowing what works in the market; and not just what kinds of buys but also with the creative and determining the audience that needs to be targeted.

What do you enjoy about being a part of the MPR family?

I’ve seen people come and go during my time at Miller PR and I can tell you, this is a great team we have in place right now. We all certainly get along well, which is nice, but our personalities mesh well creatively, too. We are able to counter opinions when talking about ideas, and that usually results in a much better product in the end. Our many successes with clients and campaigns really speak to that strength. Plus, we just have a lot of fun!

It’s true that Geoff brings some maturity to the table here at MPR, but don’t be fooled. He’s the first to laugh when the practical jokes come out, and he’s even been the instigator a time or two!

MPR is made up of an eclectic group of individuals, for sure. We’re proud of that. We may be unique and diverse, but our common denominator is our collective Yes-mentality. From full-service marketing and advertising campaign creation and management to culture training and consulting, our well is deep with talent and passion. We’d love to connect with you! Let’s talk.