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How You can Join the Researching-Reviews-Before-Purchasing Movement

The way we make consumer decisions has drastically changed. Think back to the last time you purchased something over $100 – for example, a TV. Before the Internet Age, you would go to the store and ask the customer service representative what they thought was the best buy. You might ask your friends what TV […]

Do You Pass the So What Test?

Before you post on social media, first put it through the “So What” test. This is the easiest way to see if your social media is relevant. It’s easy. After every post, ask yourself, “So What?” Many fail at this test. Why? Because the company has only cared about one thing – their own best […]

What New Facebook Changes Mean For Brands

For us social media nerds, we’ve been listening to all of the new Facebook improvements. Of course you’ve noticed a big change in the way your Newsfeed looks, but do you know about all the new changes? To learn about one of the biggest changes, the Timeline profile, visit this site Facebook created. http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline In […]

Is Mobile Marketing Right For My Business?

A lot of attention has been placed on mobile marketing (otherwise known as marketing done for a mobile device – like a cell phone or tablet) recently. So, it has a lot of companies asking if mobile marketing is right for them. Let’s dive in to see if it is right for you. Immediate Response […]

Social media: Go, go, go or slow, slow, slow?

We are living in Generation NOW. Social media and the Internet have conditioned us to expect things instantly.  For example, you ask your followers for dinner suggestions and within minutes you have many options to choose from. As a consumer, my desire for an instantaneous response is no different when I’m posting to my friends […]

Don’t think social media is powerful? You will after reading this.

There are people who think of social media as some sort of peaceable kingdom – where everyone gets along and rainbows and butterflies are abundant. Sure, social media can seem a bit touchy-feely at times, but it has grown to be one of the most powerful tools online. Think about this: Twitter was used to […]

Everything you need to know about Google+

What is Google+? Simply put, Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook. But is Google+ a straight copy of Facebook? Not really. The main difference is that Google+ acts as a social layer on top of every Google product. Now, you can +1 anything (think of +1’ing like Liking something on Facebook). It’s the same idea. […]

A Quick Guide to Facebook Ads

You’ve probably seen ads show up on your Facebook page, but wondered how it all works. Facebook Advertising is actually the largest display advertising company in the world now. It’s no surprise. Facebook now has over 750 million users and it can be a great place to reach your audience. Here’s why: Easy Facebook Ads are very […]

Always ask, “How can I help?”

One thing we always hear is, “I want more followers.” Besides asking the business questions such as, “what do you want these followers/fans/likers/whatever to do?”, the big question we reply with is, “Why should someone follow your brand?” This is a tough question for most people in social media to answer. Think about that for […]

Should my practice be on Foursquare?

Haven’t heard of Foursquare? What about Gowalla? Don’t worry, it’s a part of a new and upcoming technology called Location Based Services (LBS). Just like you can share a photo or video on Facebook, you can also share your physical location using your smart phone (basically any phone with GPS built in, like the iPhone […]