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Yes, Tweets and Selfies Can Boost Your Revenue

The genie is out of the bottle. The world is changing—fueled by an endless stream of tweets and selfies. Today, social media’s emerging power players are Twitter and Instagram. Every day their influence seems to grow exponentially, especially when it comes to marketing. If your practice is still on the sidelines, you are missing valuable […]

Timeline Features New to Facebook But Not Social Media

Whether you’re ready or not, Facebook is switching it up yet again. On March 30th, Facebook business pages will automatically be switched to the new Facebook Timeline. The new Timeline feature, first introduced to personal pages in mid-December, has only become available to business pages as of February 29th. Some of the major changes include […]

Social media: Go, go, go or slow, slow, slow?

We are living in Generation NOW. Social media and the Internet have conditioned us to expect things instantly.  For example, you ask your followers for dinner suggestions and within minutes you have many options to choose from. As a consumer, my desire for an instantaneous response is no different when I’m posting to my friends […]

Don’t think social media is powerful? You will after reading this.

There are people who think of social media as some sort of peaceable kingdom – where everyone gets along and rainbows and butterflies are abundant. Sure, social media can seem a bit touchy-feely at times, but it has grown to be one of the most powerful tools online. Think about this: Twitter was used to […]

Always ask, “How can I help?”

One thing we always hear is, “I want more followers.” Besides asking the business questions such as, “what do you want these followers/fans/likers/whatever to do?”, the big question we reply with is, “Why should someone follow your brand?” This is a tough question for most people in social media to answer. Think about that for […]

Do you know where your market is?

The famous ad starts out, “It’s 10 p.m., do you know where your children are?” Most of us, at any time of the day, may be wondering where our market it is. Of course, Facebook and Twitter are all the buzz right now – but your target market may not be on Facebook. Although the […]

Is it dead yet?

You hear people say, “Print is dead.” or “TV is Dead.” Print isn’t dead (you might say it’s on life support). TV isn’t dead. Nothing showcased this more than this week’s coverage of the death of Osama Bin Laden. I, personally, heard about his death via text message. The first thing I did was log […]

Does caring = profits?

Social media is all about caring. Why are you on Facebook? Because you care about what your friends are doing. Whether or not you should care (especially about the 500th photo of your aunt’s cat) is another question. But we all are on social media because we care about the people we are connected to. […]

Isn’t it amazing how much things have changed in the past couple of years?

Think about your everyday life. If you wanted to see what your cousin or aunt or work friend was up to a couple years ago, you’d have to give them a call. Now, it’s as simple as checking Facebook. They may even be on Twitter. Or, if they are very ahead of the curve, you […]