The Anatomy of a Great Campaign

Posted in Marketing, Miller Public Relations | April 15,2021

Every now and then, you knock one out of the park. Whether it’s an idea, a conversation, a meal prepared or even a deliverable at work, there’s not much sweeter than the moment it all comes together and just works.

At Miller Public Relations, we sincerely want every project we work on to be a home run. Not only do we want it, we make it our goal. We throw our best efforts toward every launch, every campaign, every media buy, deliverable and project we touch. And every now and then, we are the proud creators and executors of a campaign that’s so successful from every angle that we just have to talk about it.

Ophthalmologist Case Study

We have a multi-location ophthalmology client located in Florida. Over the course of working together, this client has grown to trust us so much that we are given quite a bit of creative freedom where new campaign direction is concerned.

For this premier provider of LASIK and modern cataract surgery with premium lenses, we wanted to develop campaigns for Q1 of 2021 that spoke to a renewed focus on the little things; the small moments that make life grand.

What We Did

Step one in campaign creation is a hefty brainstorm session (and oftentimes, more than one). We gather not only our creative types but also our account managers, digital strategists and media folks. We sit with a huge wall-sized whiteboard, and we talk. We dream. We strategize. We toss out every crazy idea we can think of. We build on each other’s ideas. We strike the ones that are a little too kooky. We revise, revisit, rehash and rethink.

In this case study, we landed on an idea we called See the Good. We fleshed out as many small moments as we could imagine where people could See the Good with improved and restored vision after cataract surgery or LASIK. Moments like a sunset walk with a loved one, preparing an amazing meal for family, a sunrise run on the beach, a quiet conversation over a hot cup of coffee, sharing a joke with a grandchild, a baby’s smile. Can you see it? And isn’t it good?

Why We Did It

Oh, 2020. What a year you were. As people were and still are traveling less due to COVID, attending fewer major sporting events and concerts, by default, they are spending more time at home, with smaller circles of family and close friends. These were the moments we wanted to capture and highlight.

After all, the very best campaigns are those that speak to the now. To what you’re dealing with today.

How We Connected the Dots

We used multiple media touchpoints to push the See the Good campaign out into the market in Southwest Florida. Here are a few examples:




How We Connected it to the Brand

This ophthalmology practice has an existing tagline of See the Difference. We have spent significant time and budget branding this phrase, and, over time, it has become synonymous with this elite eye care practice.

The phrase embodies a twofold invitation. The idea is that they want patients to See the Difference with their improved, restored vision after laser vision correction or cataract surgery. But they also want their patients to See the Difference between this elite eye care practice and other practices. From surgeon experience and advanced technology to hospitality, patient care and follow-up, this practice stands apart from all others with its concierge-style of service.

See the Good was the perfect partner to See the Difference, and the two worked seamlessly together.

Are You Ready for Your Next Great Campaign?

At Miller Public Relations, we do amazing work like this all the time. For clients, large and small, in many different categories. How? We empower our talented team members in an environment where creativity, innovation and excellence are the norm.

Let’s get your next (or first) great campaign started. We can’t wait.