The Queen of Yes, We Can!

Posted in Marketing, Miller Public Relations | October 5,2020

Meet our Founder and CEO, Cyndi Miller

cyndi miller

By Tammy Hinojos, Director of Editorial Services

What do you get when you combine an unrelenting passion for service, an unmatched drive to succeed and a wicked sense of humor? You get Cyndi Miller, founder and CEO of Miller Public Relations.

She’s a little hard to pin down since she’s constantly on the go, but I managed to sit down with Cyndi recently to chat about her life, her legacy and her recent move to Florida. Check it out!

TH: When you started Miller Public Relations 26 years ago, did you imagine it would be where it is and what it is today?

CM: I think I always knew Miller Public Relations would be a success simply because I love what I do and am driven almost to a fault it seems most days on behalf of the clients we have had the privilege to serve over the years. And, the team that serves along with me are cut from the same cloth! It has never felt like a job to me, rather a calling. I genuinely like and enjoy people as well as what I do for a living. Plus, to be a success in anything, you must possess a generous spirit! You absolutely must be willing to give of yourself in time and talent, keeping in mind the goals and expectations of those for whom you are working. And after almost 26 years of being very invested in our clients, it is still fun and I really still l love it.

TH: Has your niche always been medical marketing? And how did you end up becoming an expert in ophthalmology marketing?

CM: Did I imagine that we would be considered among the most regarded in medical marketing in the country? Probably not. The successes all of our clients have experienced under our marketing guidance has earned us our incredible and much-appreciated reputation. This has come because of our hands-on approach to building not just the client’s business and reputation but also their teams, as well as the precise management of their campaigns.

We leave nothing to chance. In fact, we rarely take on a client unless they allow us access to their teams. Both teams have to be in sync, the client’s and our team. It makes no sense to spend big money in external campaigns if the internal team is not completely on board with our goals of growth and sustainment of that growth.

Why did I choose medical marketing? Because it is always changing. It is never boring and I like to think we make a difference in the lives of patients in every specialty, even though we will never meet these patients. We want to know we are changing and improving the quality of the lives of these patients whether it is weight loss, vision correction, infectious disease, cancer, cardiology, etc. or enhancing appearances, it all matters to us.

MPR pioneered medical marketing specifically in vision correction over the years. It has been a specialty that kind of broke the code in medical marketing. The coolest thing to be able to brag about is that we wrote the book in marketing LASIK and other vision correction procedures, which has contributed to our representing multiple practices specializing in this area. Vision correction technologies change all of the time and just keep getting better and better. This has kept us very busy over the years and we have loved being such an integral part of bringing these technologies to the world.

TH: What do you believe is the biggest strength of your agency?

CM: Our biggest strength is our complete systems approach. We offer one-stop shopping, if you will. Whatever (and we mean this literally) a client needs in the way of marketing their business, we have in-house or we outsource, so our clients simply have to make one call. We want to make it as convenient as humanly possible to not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations when it comes to working with us. We provide an entire marketing team that integrates with their team. It’s a beautiful thing to observe and it works. We are very affordable and always accessible because our clients require this of us.

TH: So good! What’s MPR’s biggest differentiator?

CM: Our hands-on management of a campaign is our biggest differentiator; we are told this time and time again. Our team is one made up of extremely smart strategists. We are very strategic when we come into a market with the goal of moving our client into the number one position. It takes strong, consistent and precise tweaking of the messaging and constant movement of the advertising dollars as well as crafting the best internal team to give the patient or customer their absolute best experience once they come to the business. It is a carefully orchestrated campaign that we put together and our clients benefit hugely from what we develop for them.

TH: How has marketing changed over the years? How has MPR adapted?

CM: MPR has to be willing to move with the constant changes in how we reach today’s consumer. We always hire only the best talent and we stay in front of what is relevant, and more importantly, what works. We are early adopters of all the strategies when it comes to keeping our clients out in front. We keep abreast of the latest and greatest methods all designed to reach the broadest spectrum of potential leads.

TH: What has been the key(s) to MPR’s success decade over decade?

CM: What is the secret sauce as to why we have made it this far? Hire smarter people than yourself, and let them teach you! I cannot micromanage our people nor do I want to. I want them to have lots of room to move and be successful within their own expertise. I love our team and I know how incredible they all are or they would not be here!

TH: We heard you recently opened an East Coast office in Florida. How did you get to be the lucky one to relocate there and get that office going?

CM: I am super excited about our company opening a satellite office in Florida. This is so cool! My husband and I always will live near the sea. We planned it this way with our Mexico office in beautiful Mazatlan and now, we are thrilled to be in beautiful Amelia Island, Florida, growing our presence there a little more, maybe a lot more! Yes, I am slowing down just a little after 26 years, in order to work on my golf game and hang out more with my best friend and husband of many years.

TH: What do you do to relax when you’re not working?

CM: I walk several miles most days, hang out with our dogs and take lots of photos sharing our life, the incredible birds on the islands and in Mazatlan, as well as the amazing sunsets. So go find me on the social media platforms! When I’m not working, I like to cook gourmet meals and open up a nice wine to go with it.

TH: Sum up 2020.

CM: 2020 has had its ups and downs. Losing my Dad in March, one of my most valued mentors, then our sweet dog Pella in September, but I thank God every day for the journey He has placed me on. I’m truly blessed with such a precious family, a phenomenal team at MPR, my great partners who love what they do and a rich life filled with wonderful friends. 2020 has taught me to rely much more on God. He is indeed my source of strength. His mighty hand has been on us all as we have faced this pandemic and an uncertain economy, but we’re resilient and that’s the truth. Every single day is a precious gift and we must not waste a single minute. For me, being an encouragement to others this year has helped me concentrate on what’s important.

TH: Last question! What are your favorite things?

CM: My very favorite things-time spent with my family, especially four stunningly beautiful, smart and funny grandchildren, sunsets over the water, eating out (Italian of course), popcorn, spa days and listening to and dancing to oldies music. I love me some Motown!

See what I mean? Cyndi is a powerhouse and keeps us all on our toes (in a good way, of course!). MPR is made up of an eclectic group of individuals. We’re unique and diverse, but our common denominator is our collective Yes-mentality (and okay, fine, we all love dancing to the oldies!).

For more information about our services, give us a call at 817.281.3440 or email at mpr@millerpubicrelations.com.