Things 2020 Taught Us: Replace Bottom Line Thinking with Something Better

Posted in Business Practices, Marketing | February 1,2021

cyndi miller

If your business is like so many others, then 2020 probably took a toll on your bottom line. The quarantine, the shutdowns, the skittish market, the restrictions, the uncertainty. For many business and medical practices across the nation, 2020 was a year for the books. The kind of book you never want to see or read again!

But even the worst books have a few nuggets, right? And 2020, despite its challenges, had a few things to teach us.

Trusted Partnerships Can Help You Weather the Storm

Here at Miller Public Relations, it was our great honor to walk alongside each of our valued clients each step of last year’s bumpy journey, helping them to respond, pivot, communicate with their customers and patients in new ways, plan comeback strategies, launch telehealth and so, so much more.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that, as a small business ourselves, we had our own challenges to navigate even as we continued serving our clients. But, here we all are, on the other side. Now a little more than a month into 2021, it is our joy to report that every one of our clients survived 2020, and we are honored to remain each one’s trusted marketing partner today and for the foreseeable future. We’re also delighted to report that our entire team here at MPR is intact. We relied on each other, stretched ourselves, and lo and behold, we made it!


Ditch the Bottom-Line Thinking for Something Better

In a year like 2020, unless you’re something like a food delivery service or a manufacturer of hand sanitizer and face masks, your bottom line probably suffered, at least for a little while. Without a doubt, it’s scary to watch numbers dip, whether those numbers are consultations booked, surgeries scheduled, products sold or even actual profits.

But we’d like to propose that during seasons of uncertainty and stagnation in your market, as tempting as it may be to hyper-focus on numbers and revenue, it’s actually an ideal time to have a focus shift. Ditch (at least temporarily) the bottom-line thinking and, instead, take a look at improving your product/service/delivery, so that when the market stabilizes and the customer comes back, what you have to offer will be better, more streamlined, more excellent in every way than it was before.

Let’s Make it a Great Year

It’s been said that success is the best revenge. Normally, we wouldn’t advise any type of revenge! But after all the challenges and obstacles 2020 brought, we love the idea of emerging stronger, extracting the lessons to be learned and then just rocking the heck out of 2021.

At Miller Public Relations, we subscribe to a no-excuses mentality. When your tag line is Yes, we can!, it’s important to be the kind of people who can get it done. On behalf of the clients we serve, we commit to create, innovate, communicate, track, advise, listen, think outside the box, adjust. All with the goal of positioning each client as a trusted leader in their particular market. In short, we grow businesses—from the inside out.

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