Things 2021 Taught Us

Posted in Marketing | December 20,2021

Reflecting about a year gone by is easier than forecasting what’s on the horizon in the coming year. I think it’s safe to say we all learned that with the surprise year of 2020. And to be sure, by the time we’d closed the book on a year that many have dubbed a “dumpster fire”, 2020 taught us all many things.

But as we approach the final days of 2021, our team has been reflecting on everything this year brought us – and taught us.

You may not know this, but Miller Public Relations (and all of north Texas) started 2021 with a history-making ice storm in early February. On Tuesday, February 16, the Dallas-Fort Worth area faced record-breaking temperatures for the first time in 72 years. As a result, all over the state of Texas, power outages occurred in the middle of the night of February 16 and many areas experienced days of no electricity or water.

A pipe froze and burst in the attic, and the MPR offices flooded overnight that week. As a result, we lost all of our computers and equipment, and our building sustained significant damage. This started a three-month clean-up, and our team had to move into temporary space until almost June. Good times.

But, we overcame! By the time the lights came back on and the snow melted, we were up and running in our temporary offices. Thankfully, our clients never missed a beat! In late May, we moved back into our beautifully restored offices, and with a new client (we met while in our temp space!) to boot! Talk about making lemons out of lemonade.

Which brings us to the things 2021 taught us. I polled our amazing team here at MPR and culled five truths we’ve learned this year:

Things 2021 Taught Us

  1. Opportunities are everywhere (if you’re looking for them). The opportunity to think differently, work differently, try something new or just make a change. Sometimes even unwanted change can bring silver linings you weren’t expecting!
  2. Grace is real. And the more you give it away, the more you get it back. This truth is courtesy of our director of Accounts, Haynes. Life can get sticky at times. People do and say hurtful things. Fortunately, grace offers you a reset button. You just have to choose to use it!
  3. Patience really is a virtue. From supply chain issues to labor shortages, 2021 delivered many opportunities to exercise patience. Our CEO Cyndi Miller experienced this first-hand as she was overseeing both the restoration of our offices in Texas as well as the renovation of her home in Northeast Florida. Words like delay, pivot and adjust all became our go-to plan of action as we navigated trying to do business in an economy that was still struggling to restart and find its footing after 2020. Additionally, our newest team member Payge also cited patience as her big take-away from 2021. Specifically, that good things take time. Like when she was looking for a new job opportunity and, after several months of seeking and searching, she finally connected with us. Without a doubt, Payge is a great addition to the team, and we’re so glad we were worth the wait, Payge!
  4. Parenting is hard. But (awesome). Can we get an amen, here?! Whether you have one or five, they’re little or not-so-little, being a parent will bring out the best and the worst in you, exhaust you and exhilarate you and will probably end up being the most rewarding but hardest thing you’ve ever set your hand to. Our Vice President Amanda became a mom in November with the birth of her beautiful baby son. As I type, we are all fighting over who gets to hold him first when he visits the office soon!
  5. Count your blessings. Your mom was right. There really is always something to be thankful for. Good health? Supportive friends? A job that puts food on your table? The devotion of a beloved pet? A new baby? A new client? A project completed? A good night’s sleep? Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks.

We’re grateful for everything this year taught us! What did you learn in 2021? We’d love to hear!

Let’s Link Arms

At Miller Public Relations, we want to close the final page in 2021 with gratitude in our hearts and excitement for the coming year! So, on behalf of the clients we are honored to serve, we commit to create, innovate, communicate, track, advise, listen, think outside the box, adjust. All with the goal of positioning each client as a trusted leader in their particular market.

And as luck would have it, we are in a position to take on a few new clients in the new year. We can help with:

  • Custom design and copywriting
  • Customer experience
  • Lead nurture consulting
  • Website design and development
  • Content optimization
  • Digital, social media and email marketing
  • Television, radio, print and outdoor advertising

We’d love to partner with you in making a solid plan for the new year and beyond, and we are ready to serve your marketing, advertising and public relations needs. Let’s talk. Call us at 817.281.3440 or email mpr@millerpublicrelations.com.