Timeline Features New to Facebook But Not Social Media

Posted in Digital, Social Media | March 5,2012

Whether you’re ready or not, Facebook is switching it up yet again. On March 30th, Facebook business pages will automatically be switched to the new Facebook Timeline. The new Timeline feature, first introduced to personal pages in mid-December, has only become available to business pages as of February 29th. Some of the major changes include direct messaging, pinning and a new blog-like wall appearance. Sound familiar? Seems like Facebook is taking some lessons from its biggest competitor, Twitter, and social media rookie, Pinterest, to ensure that it remains ahead of the game.

Below, we’ve listed some of the main differences you’ll find with the new Facebook Timeline.

Cover Photo

Although it’s called a cover image, it’s probably unlike any “cover” you’ve ever seen. Facebook has set certain guidelines on what is prohibited and therefore it acts more as a backdrop than anything else. Here’s what your cover photo can’t have:

  • Contact info
  • The words “share” or “like”
  • No pricing or purchase info

Profile Picture

Your main picture must be square and at least 180 pixels wide. Due to the size image, we highly recommend you chose something simple, such as your brand logo.


Do you especially like a specific post? Well, now you can make it stay awhile. Facebook Timeline allows you to click the pencil button to pin the post to the top of your page’s timeline.

Direct Messaging

This is by far our favorite thing about the new Facebook. You are now able to privately message fans and vise versa. Maybe you’ve started a public conversation online and now need to pass on or receive some personal information such as a phone number. The new messaging feature makes it that much easier for your brand to cater to your consumers’ needs.


Photos, likes, apps and maps are at the top of the new page. Photos must remain in the first position, but you may decide the order of the ones that follow.  As you can see, there are only four spots visible without clicking the arrow, so choose wisely!

Admin Features

Facebook has made it easier to manage your page by combining your stats, such as new likes, notifications and insights in one handy spot, called your Admin Panel, right at the top of your page.

Which updates will best help your brand increase audience communication and overall consumer satisfaction? Do you think the new features benefit the consumer and provider equally, or one more so than the other?