MPR Actionables – How To Track Your Leads, Save Your Dollars!

Posted in Track Your Leads | September 13,2013

Track Your Leads

Ah, the good old days.

There was one newspaper, three TV stations and a handful of radio stations. That was it.

*Sigh* I bet lead tracking was easy back then.

“Where did you hear about us?”

“I saw your ad in the weekly newspaper.”

Easy as that.

That’s how I knew the newspaper ad was working half a century ago.

Now, we are inundated with thousands of media messages every day from all different kinds of media. We market our clients in dozens of media outlets, and it’s important to know which ones are delivering patients and which ones are not.

But more and more, the question “Where did you hear about us?” is met with an answer of “Everywhere.”

On one hand, this is great, because it means we’re doing our job creating memorable, action-oriented advertising.

However, this doesn’t do us much good in actually tracking what stations/ websites/ publications are actually driving patients to your practice, does it?

Whether you have a multi-million dollar marketing campaign or simply buy a handful of ads in local magazines, it’s vital to know how patients are discovering you and what pieces are coming together to bring them to your practice.

Here are 3 ways you can better track your leads sources today.

1. ASK

We already mentioned that asking “Where did you hear about us?” isn’t as useful as it used to be, but it’s still vitally handy. We insist our clients ask this question of every caller who reaches them.

Some track the answers on a simple spreadsheet, others track it on an actual software system.

The point is, ASK and track it somewhere.

**PRO TIP** – Don’t get in the habit of filing 100% of your website leads as “internet”. Often times, people will visit your site after a recommendation from a friend, from an ad in a magazine or seeing/hearing your ad on broadcast. When you call to schedule your internet leads, ask where they heard about you too, and track the lead under that source.


Sounds like I’m trying to be tricky, doesn’t it?

Nay. One of the best ways to verify OR append the patient’s referral source is to ask again during the in-office consultation.

Maybe the patient tells you again, “I heard about you on KABC.” Great, that’s pretty cut and dry.

Or maybe he says “I hear about you on KXYZ.” Now we know this guy listens to both of those stations, and they both played a role in placing him in your waiting room today.

Further still, he could tell you that his sister/friend/coworker had a procedure with you already. Now you have EXTREMELY valuable information you can use during the consultation and after to


If you aren’t surveying every single one of your patients, START. Ask them about the service they received, their satisfaction, their outcome and if they would recommend you to someone else.

Also, add to the survey questions about their lifestyle, hobbies and media consumption.

What are your 3 favorite TV stations? (And radio and magazine and websites)

What is your favorite hobby?

Now that you’ve had X procedure, what is your new favorite activity?

During this survey, you’ll learn more about your patients’ media consumption, and you’ll  discover more about their lives in general. You can also identify trends this way.

Ask, Ask Again, and Survey – A winning formula for discovering how patients heard about you.

Once you have this information, you can make better decisions regarding where and how you spend your marketing dollars.

Are you doing these three things? Are there other ways you’re tracking leads?