Transform Your LipiFlow Treatment into a “LipiSpa” with 3 Simple Changes!

Posted in Branding, Business Practices, Competitive Focus, Marketing, Medical | July 17,2014

LipiFlow Treatment

The LipiFlow Treatment is literally a ‘massage’ of the eyelids to release lipids from the blocked Meibomian glands that cause Evaporative dry eye.

Why not make this simple in-office ‘massage’ procedure more spa-like with a few simple additions to the treatment process?

Here are 3 easy ways you can create a more welcoming and comfortable LipiSpa this week.

1. Use a Microwavable Comfort Wrap

This comfort wrap is available from our favorite retailer for just $13.

The lavender and chamomile give a pleasant and calming fragrance without being overwhelming, and the rice provides long-lasting warmth after just a minute in the microwave

As the LipiFlow treatment lasts about 15 minutes per eye, this is an excellent way to provide added comfort and relaxation to your patients during the treatment.

2. Dim the Lights

Let’s face it, there’s nothing calm or soothing about overhead fluorescent lights.

They’re cold, soul-less, and thanks to modern governmental regulations, virtual required in most commercial settings.

To create a more spa-like atmosphere, turn down the fluorescent overheads and opt for a decorative lamp or two that can create a more calm presence in your LipiSpa once the treatment has begun.

3. Declutter

This recommendation goes for every area of your office, but particularly the ones where your patients will spend significant time, and you want them to feel at ease.

Take full advantage of storage space in your LipiSpa, and keep surfaces as clutter-free as possible.

This will subtly set a relaxing tone for your patients as they prepare for LipiFlow treatment.

What other ways have you found to create a ‘spa-like’ experience in your clinical setting? Leave a note in the comments below!