Case Study: Small Hands Big Hearts Website Redesign Proposal and Strategy

Posted in Digital, Marketing, Miller Public Relations, Web Design | May 8,2013

Website Redesign Proposal

Built Specifically for Business Growth Goals

The great folks at Small Hands Big Hearts Pediatric Therapy Management, LLC Small Hands Big Hearts Pediatric Therapy (SHBH) contacted us seeking a comprehensive marketing strategy. Part of this included a new website redesign proposal and strategy.

At Miller Public Relations we know an effective, practice-building website must be more than just an “online brochure.” It’s a tool for capturing new business. So to start, we did what we always do when we launch a new client project: We asked questions and listened to SHBH’s chief goals:

  1. To recruit new therapists
  2. To increase patient referrals

With these as our guide, we set out to design their new site to be a lead-capturing machine to help them accomplish these goals.


We placed their primary business goals front and center in two prominent boxes guiding the visitor to one of two experiences.

  1. To begin to envision themselves as a therapist enjoying the SHBH family (goal 1)
  2. To begin to imagine their child receiving the excellent care provided by SHBH therapists (goal 2)

At the end of each of these experiences, the site funnels visitors to one of two call-to-actions.

  1. An online e-form to make referring a child simple and quick.
  2. A super-easy “apply for a job” e-form to capture potential therapists’ contact and resumes.

Traditional site elements such as the About Us section were moved away from their typical navigation location in order to ensure the site visitor was first guided to one of these two experiences.

The rotator banner reinforces these goals through clickable headers.


Once a site is built, the real work begins MPR works diligently to build traffic to the site. Fresh content is added through scheduled blogs, which in the case of SHBH:

  • Provides stories of client/patient successes and victories, encouraging potential patients parents and doctors to trust SHBH with their referrals.
  • Reveals the benefits of working for SHBH as a therapist through sharing current therapists inspiring stories and presenting the advantages of the SHBH streamlined processes.


Though we cannot disclose exact numbers due to our non-disclosure agreement, we can share that the new site has more than doubled incoming web leads for both their main goals – new patients and new therapist recruits.

Additionally, SHBHtherapy.com has become a Miller Public Relations calling card site. Several of our newer clients have said, “Build us a site like that!”

“Not so fast,” we say. “Let us ask you about your practice goals first…”

For more information about the comprehensive marketing strategy and website redesign proposal that MPR offered Small Hands Big Hearts, or for other marketing questions, feel free to contact us at Miller Public Relations.