What do medical practices really want in a marketing agency?

Posted in Marketing, Medical | July 30,2021

When trying to find the right marketing or advertising agency to partner with, it’s helpful to determine what it is you actually want out of the relationship.

Creative campaigns?

A killer website?

Expertise in media buying?

Insider knowledge into the best ways to reach more potential patients?

Effective content across many platforms?

Sure, all of those things are helpful, and at Miller Public Relations, we offer those services, and many more.

But we’d like to speak candidly here if we may. When thinking about what medical practices really want in a marketing agency, here’s what we’ve learned in 27+ years of marketing medical practices of all shapes and sizes. Are you ready for this?

Medical practices want to make more money.

Gasp! <hand over mouth in shock>

But, really, why should that sound scandalous or self-serving? If a practice takes the time and makes the investment to seek out a marketing agency for help in growing their practice, the goal is to…well…grow their practice.

That means everything from onboarding new doctors, opening more locations and expanding their teams to growing their patient base, performing more surgeries and offering more services and products. In a nutshell, the goal is to increase revenue.

And here’s the other point we’d like to make:

It’s okay to talk about it.

Wanting to make more money in your medical practice is a good, good goal. Medical practices are, after all, businesses. And doesn’t every business want to grow (ie: make more money)?

And at Miller Public Relations, that is always our mindset. We are here to grow your business and, ultimately, to make you more money. We want you to book more appointments and perform more procedures than before you met us. Period.

And the truth is, we’re pretty good at it.

How we do it.

We work with many medical practices, large and small, in several different categories, all across the country. From LASIK and cataract surgeons to bariatric surgeons and vascular specialists, they all have one thing in common.

They want to book more high-value patients for high-value procedures.

And how we go about achieving that goal is by adhering to a systematic approach we’ve developed and perfected over time. Check out this case study on a vascular surgeon we took from a solo practitioner to seven surgeons and four locations in just a few short years.

Another ophthalmology client in Florida has become a well-branded leader in a highly competitive market. Thoughtful and consistent messaging made the difference!

Sure, marketing has changed a lot in a quarter of a century, and the digital age has brought more channels and opportunities than ever before. But the basics remain the same: attracting leads, nurturing them (consistent follow-up), converting them into surgeries booked and then turning those new patients into loyal ambassadors of your practice who will trust you again, and will refer their friends, family and co-workers.

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. At MPR, we create marketing funnels and training materials that help our clients become leaders in their respective markets.

Show me the money? Yes, we can!

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