What New Facebook Changes Mean For Brands

Posted in Social Media | October 6,2011

For us social media nerds, we’ve been listening to all of the new Facebook improvements. Of course you’ve noticed a big change in the way your Newsfeed looks, but do you know about all the new changes? To learn about one of the biggest changes, the Timeline profile, visit this site Facebook created. http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

In short, the new Facebook Profile will be more like a chronological scrapbook of your life. That all fine and dandy for your personal profile, but what could these changes mean for brands? Let’s take a look.

New Design Mashable has mocked up some very interesting new design mock-ups (http://mashable.com/2011/09/29/facebook-timeline-brands/#271071987) for the new pages, utilizing the new layout possibilities.

While Facebook hasn’t confirmed the new look and feel will be coming to Pages, the magic 8 ball reads, “All signs point to ‘yes.’” While design will be an interesting aspect to the new Pages, there is another area most have overlooked.

Imagine being able to place key moments for your brand in the timeline? Personal pages will now have events like “Broke a bone” or “Married.” Why couldn’t brands have, “Opened a new location in Fort Worth, TX?” Even more powerful: allow people to tag themselves as working at that location for the grand opening. This allows customers to investigate how the brand came to be, a look into the past and a chance to connect with past customers and employees.

More ADD customers One of the biggest changes Facebook rolled out is the new homepage layout. You’ll notice the page is made up of two main items:

Newsfeed: This is an algorithm-based feed, meaning Facebook decides to show you what is the most important. For example, you’re more likely to see that your best friend Jane is now engaged than to see your friend Tom’s like on a cartoon on USA Today.

Ticker: You’ve probably noticed the constantly-scrolling ticker on the upper-right hand corner of the website. Some have joked and called this Twitter in Facebook, but it’s really meant to share ALL of the information your friends are sharing. If you’ve looked at it recently, it’s probably full of the music your friends are listening to.

This is all part of Facebook’s quest to be the social glue that holds the Internet together. They want everything you do to be part of Facebook (we’ll ignore privacy concerns for the purpose of this blog post).

This means more competition for your customers’ attention on Facebook. There is now more for them to share. This means that your content is going to have to be even more interesting content and social by nature.

New Ways to Interact Facebook is really focusing on users posting what they are doing – not what they’ve done. At their developer’s conference, they showed the example of a cookbook app. In this app, you’d select a recipe, it would display the instructions and there would be a button to broadcast that “(Insert Your Name Here) is cooking (Insert Impressive Dish Here)” to all of your Facebook friends. When your Facebook friends load up the app, it would show all of the recipes their friends have used – including your own.

They call this “Frictionless Sharing.” They simply want sharing on Facebook to be as easy as possible. The music integration is a big example – it automatically broadcasts all of the music you listen to from platforms like Spotify and Rdio.

For brands, we will have to continue to develop innovative ways for customers to experience, interact and socially share about our brand. I’m sure there will be all sorts of interesting applications of this to come in the very future.

by Jordan Fowler