Winning Starts with a Firm Base

Posted in Business Practices | October 18,2021

How to Build a Business That Works from the Inside Out

Make sure the team who serves your customers is happy

You’ve probably heard this or something similar before; “Take care of your people, and your people will take care of your customers.” There’s a reason you’ve heard it before. It’s familiar because it’s TRUE! Happy people do better at work and in life! But just because something is true doesn’t mean it’s easy.

If you’re a manager at any level, you’ve experienced unhappy team members. You know the ones. They’re negative and unproductive, doing the bare minimum while trying to look like they’re doing a lot. They gossip and form alliances, bringing down team morale. Some troublemakers even outright refuse to be team players.

You’ve also likely experienced many happy, engaged and inspired team members. At least we hope you have! They are positive and productive, doing more than is asked of them, and doing it with excellence. They boost team morale at every turn and are the definition of a team player.

Whether you’re working with one type of team member or the other, believe it or not, the formula is basically the same. To improve your team’s overall productivity, reduce turnover rates and drive increased revenue for your company, it’s critical you take the time to focus on job satisfaction.

If You’re Happy and You Know It

A study out of the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick shows that people are more productive when they are happier at work. Specifically, they determined that happiness made people about 12% more productive. Umm, who doesn’t want more productive employees? Right. So let’s get busy.

Seven Easy Ways to Boost Job Satisfaction (Happiness)

Offer Opportunity

Career development should not just be a nice perk. Offering career development and actively seeking out opportunities to help your employees grow lets them know you care about their long-term success in life. Not to mention that training your team members and allowing them to expand their skill set will help your team become more successful and well-rounded. It could also help with employee retention. Win-win.

Give Focused Praise

In our experience, most employees don’t feel they receive enough recognition for the work they do. Let’s change that. Praise is free and costs your bottom line nothing. But what a difference it can make for your team members! By consistently telling people when they’ve done a good job (when they have, of course), they’ll feel more proud of their work, and it will provide them with the incentive to work harder in the future.

What’s focused praise? Not just a token “great job” or a thumbs up, focused praise tells the person they did a great job but also how that great job impacted the team, the customer, the patient, the bottom line.


One of the easiest ways to improve employee performance is by offering rewards and other benefits. Consider offering special incentives to recognize when your employees’ perform highly and produce excellent work. From organization-wide praise to actual monetary bonuses, you can instill different incentive programs to inspire employees to take more initiative in their roles. Things like additional paid time off, gift cards, bonuses, late passes, meals, wellness programs or professional development opportunities show your team that you’re invested in motivating their success.

Care About the Whole Person

If you’re a manager, it’s easy to focus on an employee’s role, tasks, responsibilities and performance. And to be fair, it is important to focus on these things. As long as it’s not the only thing you focus on. It’s also important to care about the physical and mental wellbeing of your team members.

To boost job satisfaction, find ways to show you care about these important areas of your employee’s lives. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Allow time for mid-day workouts, offer flexible hours for someone who has a stressful morning commute. Check in regularly about stress level and workload.

Foster Friendship

Statistically, most people spend more time at work than they do with their families and friends. To boost job satisfaction, find ways to help your team members connect with one another as friends. Periodic team lunches, happy hours and team-building activities can go a long way toward helping individual employees feel connected to one another outside of work-related projects. Celebrate milestones like birthdays, births and engagements.

Embrace Flexibility

Employees highly value flexibility in their roles. The COVID season only accelerated a trend that was already well on its way to becoming a norm in many settings. Offering flexible work schedules and telecommuting options to your employees can help them be more productive overall and foster a sense of trust among your staff.

While some managers believe employees are less productive when they work unmonitored from home, this is a common misconception. When employees don’t have to waste time commuting or skip work for illness or midday appointments, they can maintain their energy levels, engagement and productivity in a way that may otherwise not be possible. If your business model allows for it, try to embrace flexibility with your employees to enable them to maximize their time. You just might find it leads to higher performance levels overall.

Be Open to Feedback

This is a must. Ultimately, you’ll never know if your efforts are working if you don’t foster feedback channels to see how happy and satisfied your team members are. Conducting regular job satisfaction surveys can help you identify areas of improvement you hadn’t thought about. As important, job satisfaction surveys show your team members that you care about how they feel. When you can freely voice your opinion, you feel more invested in the organization.

Building the Dream Team Requires Strategy

At Miller Public Relations, we love to help our clients in the area of creating a winning culture. Because when a business is firing on all cylinders on the inside, the ultimate beneficiary is the customer! And when the customer is happy, everyone’s happy!

We’ve done a lot of work in this area in our own house, so to speak. As a result, we have an amazing, highly valued team in place who work hard to serve our amazing clients. If you could use some guidance in the area of improving company culture and boosting job satisfaction, we’d love to come alongside you. Let’s talk.