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Posted in Branding, Increasing Web Traffic, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design | July 25,2018

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By Cyndi Miller, CEO of Miller Public Relations

If you’re Googling something like, “What makes a great website” or “website help”…

Stop. In the name of strategic and tactical marketing, just stop and take 3 minutes to read this blog to determine that Miller Public Relations can help improve your website.

Why 3 minutes? According to a speed-reading test sponsored by Staples as part of an e-book promotion, it was determined that the average adult reads 300 words per minute. Yes, I Googled it. And I’m leaving roughly an extra 45 seconds on the table for you to consider calling us at the end.

So let’s get popping. HubSpot lists the four most important (and most visited) pages on a website:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Blog
  • Contact us

Sounds legit. We take into consideration that all businesses are different. But the common denominators in discussing these pages are identity and optimization.

I digress for a moment about the importance of using an uber-talented Web designer who understands form, flow, font, color and overall composition of page design. Let’s talk color and use three patriotic extremes. Red: A power color that can evoke anything from courage and passion to danger and stop. It’s a popular color in website design due to its boldness, especially used as an accent color for a call to action (CTA). White: Often used as background color, however, some of the most well-designed websites use copious amounts of white space to create a sense of neutrality, breathability and freedom. Blue: Creates feelings of calmness, peace, security and order. This is a good color for cultivating trust.

Color, among the other design characteristics listed, is one thing you would discuss with one of our expert Web designers at Miller Public Relations. If you already have something in mind, we will work with you.

Pop Your Identity onto Your Website Pages

Who are you? What do you do? Your identity should be crystal clear on your Home, About, Blog and Contact pages. Your logo and tagline should take prominent and consistent residence, especially on your Home page with a gripping visual central point that captures your essence as it relates to potential customers or patients.

Break outside the box when creating bios for employees. Your prospective customers want to know who they are working with. In addition to the typical headshot with career credentials (important!)…tell a quick story; list a favorite movie, hobby or restaurant; or link to a YouTube song or quote that captures the employee and the customer. They want to be comfortable in your “home.”

Blogs are essential to convey timely, newsworthy, seasonal and relevant information. Inject your unique identity by posting blogs with think pieces from inside experts and even non-partisan colleagues on related industry issues.

Pop Up on Search Engines

Optimizing a web page means focusing on the customer first and then segueing to you, the provider, as the solution to their need. Optimize images, diagrams, videos, testimonials or hero shots on a particular page. We don’t want your customer to look and leave, so next we need them to engage. Every page should contain at least one call to action (CTA). Every piece of knowledge you have imparted demands a response. What do you want the customer to do next?

Do an audit on your most visited pages. (Miller Public Relations can help you.) Figure out why users are there, provide the solution, and ask for action in return. For instance, on a Blog page, incorporate CTAs in the core design of the content, with a click-thru to a service or a more direct “chat me now” prompt. Put CTAs on the sidebar and in the footer, too.

Besides looking up your business directly and hitting the Home page, most visitors land on your Blog pages through organic searches. I will briefly comment on the magic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and will leave the rest of the questions for when you meet with us.

“Being first in the search result organically in Google is the dream of all website owners.” ― Dr. Chris Dayagdag

An expert Web designer or strategist knows not only good form of an eye-popping page, but also its function. There is a method to the mystique of Search Engine Optimization. SEO involves techniques, tactics and keywords used to increase visitors to your website by obtaining the highest ranking placement on the results page of a search engine, like Google and Yahoo, among others…and users trust this list.

Once you make your website pop, you can sit back and enjoy the results.

Make sure to check us out at DesignRush and discover everything our agency can do for you.

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